Behavioral Management 

Are you a parent experiencing difficulty with your child in the school setting?

Are you at your wits ends with the constant school conferences, calls home etc?

Do you need some guidance with navigating the school system for your child to get in-school support?

Are you just TIRED and need SUPPORT?

Helping Children Thrive  Social Workers can make a child's life better.

Let ASOC, Inc. help you and your child enjoy the academic experience...

-  Learn How to Reframe Thinking to
    Improve Behavior

- Clients Learn Behavioral Flexibility and Adherence to Rules

- Clients Learn How to Manage Emotions and Outward Behavior

- Client's Learn Self-Talk to Improve Reactions

Participant Expectations:

- Actively Participate in Weekly or Sessions

- Participate in Weekly Assessments of Skills Usage

- Weekly Journaling of Behavioral Challenges

- Participate in Treatment / Goal Planning

Outward Behavior is the result of Internal Thinking.

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