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Anger Management Classes For
 Adults and Teens

Anger Management  Anger Management Classes AngeryIs your Anger a problem? 

Are you having difficulty controlling your emotions, which leads to anger outburst? 

Is your anger affecting your personal and       professional relationships? 

                           Have others told you your anger is a                                        problem?

Then take steps to understand and control your Anger.....


- How to Identify Triggers and Stressors

- How to Verbalize Emotions in a Positive Manner

- Learn Positive Coping Skills

- Learn How to Reduce Aggressive Reactions to Anger

- How to Combat Cognitive Distoration

Participant Expectations:

- Actively Participate in Weekly Sessions

- Participate in Weekly Phone Consultations

- Keeping a Weekly Anger Journal

- Participate in Treatment & Goal Planning

ANGER is a NORMAL emotion. 
How you react to ANGER is a matter of CHOICE!

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